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By donating to Anita’s Fund, you are helping to pay for the costumes, the sets, the pounds of glitter & rhinestones, the fabric, the wigs, the shoes and all the things that make Anita “ANITA”!  You can make a donation of ANY AMOUNT from as little as $10.00 up to $200.00 (or more).  Be assured that all of the money you donate will go to paying for the items above THROUGH this online fund.  Quite a bit of the prep work for the show will be done right here in Provincetown.  This will include most of the musical arranging and set design.  However, Anita’s flair for the fabulous requires me to search outside of Provincetown for some of her outfits.  So as you might imagine, some of these have to be made off-Cape, moreover, some will come from as far away as Thailand!

With each donation I will see that you receive a ticket to a performance of your choice.  The show is expected to open in mid-June, 2012 and run through the summer, maybe longer.  For donations of $50.00 or more you will get a pair of tickets, for $100.00 or more you may have your name or business listed in my program.  For $200.00 or more you both of the above and you’ll also get a shout-out at each and every performance of the show. 

There will also be other perks such as merchandise available at the shows.  I can’t yet say exactly what these little goodies will be.  But they too are in the planning stage. There will be a big old surprise for you once Anita figures out THAT part of the show!

By making a donation you will help to make my dream show come to life and finally be out of my head.  People have been asking for an Anita show, so here’s an opportunity chance to really help the girl get it going!

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!

here’s a link to donate to Anita ‘s 2012 show!!!

still interested In helping this Gal out? click on The link to find out how!!!

this show will open the end of June and run through the summer! any donation of any size is appreciated!